People are talkin the 032

Have been attending service at Genesis Church (32st and T-bird) for some time now. Last Sunday while hanging out during half-time, time between services, had a chance to talk to some of the younger “millennial” group as they have trickled through checking out the church. Many have said they are looking at the 032 as the neighborhood they want to plant roots; buy a house, find a church, really in no particular order.

Map of 032

What I hear this younger crowd of pragmatic thinkers saying is; they like what’s happening in the 032. “Houses are affordable.” ” There’s a good order of mom and pop’s, it’s kind of boutiqu”ie”?.” Thinking OBH on 32nd/T-bird, all fresh.  As well as Genesis there’s  a nice community of churches close by. “Great place to buy a starter home.” So the conversations go.

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One thought on “People are talkin the 032

  1. Enjoyed Josh’s walk. How about offering to post pics of establishments (free adv) with the friendly face of the owner/help – “meet ___” IF they put a couple pots of flowers by the entrance… AND if they really are clean and friendly.


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