What do you mean it starts over?

Happy new year! Hope everyone had a nice Holiday season. Have to say, I enjoyed every minute. Got to finish up the break skiing and snowboarding with the kids up at Snowbowl last week. What a blast to be out on the slopes with the little turkeys.

With the kids returning to school this week, I too returned to my regular work schedule. For years now, a couple mornings week I like to head over to McDonald’s and get my work day started. Guess I’m a creature of habit. For me though, it’s a good locale to get the day going; starting with my notebook, checking emails, making lists and having some breakfast. Always a hash brown, side sausage, and coffee. (I tell my kids, “Don’t over-eat at McDonald’s!”)

On this particular day, while I’m sitting there working, these two old cowboys are discussing their physical ailments, kinda loud, hard not to hear. Next thing I know, they stand up and one starts a chiropractic session on the other in the middle of the restaurant. For like 15 minutes!?! Thought it was funny. Only in Cave Creek eh? Somewhere ol’ Ray Crock is smiling. https://the032.me/2017/08/14/the-founder/

Part of my morning ritual with the notebook, whether at McDonald’s or not, is also to attempt to maintain a personal/professional compass. A year ago my I began to read Proverbs daily. For those that don’t know, Proverbs is in the Bible and there are 31 chapters that contain 20 – 35 wise sayings. The 31 chapters set up nicely for each day of the month, repeat each month. I thought it sounded like a good idea, so on January 10, 2019, I began writing down 2 – 4 verses that stood out in each days reading. I continued with this process 4 -6 times a week throughout the year.

Generally speaking, we like to stay pretty light here at the 032, but I thought this was worth sharing. And while I understand Proverbs might not be for everyone, I’ll go out on a limb and say, “Acknowledging wisdom should be.” For me, at this point in my life; 46, 3 kids, lots o responsibilities, it was the perfect daily mental exercise. Think it changed my life. Nuf’ said.

Along the lines of staying light… There is a big game this weekend. My favorite Purple warriors from the north are traveling to San Francisco to do battle with the Gold miners on Saturday. (Seems a gold miner would have very little chance at defeating a Viking eh.)

Really, having been deeply disappointed so many times by this franchise, I’m just happy to have gotten a win over the Saints last week. That said, I like my squad. 8 members of our “very good” defense have played together for the last 5 years. Kind of unheard of in the NFL these days. But it makes it fun to root for the players when they’ve been with the team for so long. Here’s hoping they get some breaks tomorrow and stay alive one more week.



You shouldn’t believe in the Vikings, but it’s better if you do – New York Daily News

The following is written by “Just another kid from Minnesota.”

You shouldn’t believe in the Vikings, but it’s better if you do – New York Daily News
— Read on www.google.com/amp/s/www.nydailynews.com/sports/football/ny-vikings-saints-kirk-cousins-believe-fatalism-20200106-52xl7emm4vaedfujcjdg2mru4q-story.html?outputType=amp

Couldn’t have said it better myself!

Happy Solstice!

Always good to get on the back-side of the solstice here in the desert. At least we can count on shorter days coming even though the heat has just begun.

That said, this tends to be the time of year we find out our a/c unit needs repair. Of course, I’ve got a guy. Check out my interview with Joe Lok of JSA Refrigeration. He’s a total pro!

Joe Lok JSA – Refrigeration 480.626.3882

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Document the Day

We’re finally moving into the modern age here at the 032. Don’t think I’ll ever get away from pen and paper though. Old habits die hard I guess.

Check out my first vblog. Maybe a sign of things to come?


What keeps you efficient?

Cahava Ranch Road

It’s been awhile since my last post. Lots happening these past few months. Usually a good sign when I don’t have time to write. Also working toward a more “modern” way of interacting on the world wide web. Dominion Fine Homes will soon have it’s own Facebook page if you can believe it? Hoping to work the blog into that medium going forward.

So business keeps churning. I currently have a property up on Spur Cross in Cave Creek listed for rent for one of my clients. We had been trying to sell it since last summer. No takers, so we are back to leasing. Should go soon, have had a lot of interest already in the first few days.

Funny thing about this property. My client “Tim,” who is also a good friend, came to me about 8 years ago while we were still in the come-back stage of the great recession and said, “Hey, I’m being transferred back to Southern California. If I sell now, I’m going to loose quite a bit of money on the house. Everyone is telling me to just dump it. What do you think?”

Being more optimistic than smart I said, “Don’t dump it! Rent it out and I’ll help you self manage.” Could tell I had his ear so I continued. “Everyone keeps dumping their property, when does it end? Let’s be a part of the solution!”

He went for it. And then after some eight years of hosting renters, the market looked pretty good, so we put it up for sale. We felt pretty good about ourselves; here we were all these years later and we are a part of the solution! We celebrated. Then celebrated some more. Then realized after 6 or so months no sale was happening. Reality is, the property is unique and most of the value is in the 2.5 acres of land and not the house. Unfortunately, people are not valuing the land, for now.

Celebration ended. We are back to renting the property out. But here’s the silver lining. All this time my client was diligently paying the property off. So when we were having trouble selling, he just says one day, “Hey this is an asset and I can still earn a good dividend on the rent each month. Why not keep it as a rental?”

Roger that. We are still a part of the solution! Real Estate investment, even at the height of the mad-dash housing market of 04 – 07 is still turning out to be a solid decision.

Rock-n Roll!

Lost in Excelsior


Returned home to Minnesota last week to be with my mother who was in the last hours of her long courageous battle with cancer. Fortunately she was at home and being made as comfortable as possible.

It was fitting that her final breath was taken in Excelsior, a small town on the south shore of Lake Minnetonka. Our house growing up was only about 5 miles away and the town was very much a fixture of my youth.


My Mom loved the town.  Her Uncle Harry, who lived on the Dickinson family farm in South Dakota had been sent to Excelsior to finish high school during the depression. The prairie was no longer providing.  It proved to be a total coup for Harry. The little lake town cultivated his potential and in many ways he re-set the trajectory of the Dickinson’s.

In doing so, a path was set for my mother and father and they would find their way out to Minnetonka in 1972.  For many years we lived on ol’ Leemans Drive across from Bennett Park.  Eventually though as early “empty-nesters” they moved into Excelsior. From there they moved to Orono, on the north side of the lake. But about 5 years ago they returned to Excelsior, where she spent her last days.

Think we were fortunate in that my siblings and I were all able to be with her and my dad in her final hours. Don’t think that happens all the time. But in the few days after her passing, think we were all lost in Excelsior. She would have loved it.


My Mom, she was an incredible woman. She loved God with all her heart and sought truth her entire life. I will miss her so much.

I’ve attached her obituary, beautifully written by my sister Tricia.

Bonnie Huntley 10-4-42 – 12-6-18

Much love to all. God bless.

BL photo funeral_edited

RIP Bonnie Lou Dickinson Huntley