‘You want new?’


Am trying like mad to avoid giving an annual update of the weather. Won’t complain, spring was about as good as it gets, anywhere.  Which is why Phoenix is always a viable place to live. This time of year however, before the monsoon, a man with very little hair can feel like his head is on fire.

269ecc9339dc045e3e519cd5ba57fd92Am beginning a 2 part housing series of what and where to buy in the Valley. Wanna say it’s investigative, but it’s not, just my observations from talking to people and driving around hustling a buck. Have watched a lot of Magnum PI though, so I kinda know what I’m doing.

In my conversations with buyers looking for homes, aside from where they want to live (that’s part 2), people are mainly expressing a desire for “New.” Goes something like this, “I Just don’t want to hassle with any problems like an old roof or old a/c.” which is followed by, “The new houses have better technology.”

untitledOk I get it. (I don’t actually, but accept it). People are saying they want new builds with a “Smart Home” component that comes complete with a new roof and a/c. Turn Key? Kinda. To varying degrees the new houses are being built as ‘smart homes’ or in some cases wired up for smart home capabilities that the owner can take advantage of at a later date.  And yes they are new.

Think this is all smoke and mirrors.  To me, these are lesser properties than their predecessors of 25 years ago.  Back then, the new builds came with a decent size lot. Maybe even a side gate.  And now, while that house maybe 25 years old, chances are the roof and HVAC unit have been replaced in the last couple years. No, they are not smart, or new, but can be a great value.

drivewayAnd how about those houses that were built 40 years ago down in North Phx? The smallish looking ones with low ceilings that many people wont even look at. The ones with block walls that are incredibly energy efficient. They are a tremendous value, and because they are relatively cheap compared to new builds, there maybe extra money for remodeling and landscaping in the budget.  And guess what? They are generally located in mature areas of the city that have quite a bit to offer in terms of restaurants and shopping.

Glen_Larson_Magnum_PI_TV_embedWhat I’m saying is that new houses might look great on the inside, but there are drawbacks. Be aware. The smart technology also requires maintenance and at times have seen it be more of a hassle than a help.

Stay tuned for part 2.

Over and out.




2 thoughts on “‘You want new?’

  1. I really enjoyed your blog. It was very appropriate and makes a whole lot of sense! Liked the jokes too!

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