Is that you Mittens?


d5ae9e75958b0ba0bada4b11506cad10My friend Matthew of the 541 up in Wisconsin sent this over.  Our friend Mittens was the source of some great chuckles awhile back.  Seems he’s a bigger star than I realized. Apparently he has quite the modeling career going and has been immortalized on this stein from Anheuser Busch.

How about that? I knew there was something that I liked about that cat. And if I really like him I can buy the stein for 100 bucks.  (That’s actually 40 of the original price). LOl, too rich for me. But just think about the dude that is drinking his Bud from this. Big stones eh?

2017-05-13-17-49-081-e1495560104647.jpgBet I know a guy. Wears white sun glasses.

If you think you are man enough to handle this mug, attached the link below.



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