Church in 032 fighting child slavery in Ghana

My Friend Josh in the 032 sent this over.

Team Genesis fighting child slavery in Ghana

Local church in the 032 is impacting peoples lives far and wide. It’s interesting because before Genesis partnered with Alice Cooper, the sw corner of 32nd and T-Bird was occupied by a mostly vacant commercial center that hosted an array of illegal activity and was an overall blight on the community.

Fast forward 5 years later: Genesis Church led by Pastor Pat Stark, formerly located in an elementary school gym just to the north in the 050, purchased the property in 2010-11 and moved in as the anchor tenant. Through a partnership with Alice Cooper’s foundation, The Rock, Genesis created a free youth center that offers multiple programs such as dance and guitar lessons to the local kids in the comminity.  That commercial center on the sw corner of 32nd and T-Bird now has occupancy of 90%. What an asset Genesis has been to the 032.

Now this little Church is going global.

Check it out.



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