Adios 032?

Adios 032

Say it aint so? My Friends Kelsey and Mason have left the 032. No worries though, they are moving on to greener pastures.  After exhaustively scouring the 032 for their first home and even making an offer on one, we decided to head north to the 331 in Tatum Ranch.  Values have been soring in in both zip codes, but the proximity to Cave Creek and the fact that is a bit more scenic than inside the belt-way, can make it a little more desirable to buyers.  And reality is: there are only 4-6 houses available under 300K north of the 101. If history repeats itself there soon wont be any.  With this in mind we thought it would be a good idea to see what those 4-6 houses looked like.

Long story short; Kelsey and Mason found a gem of house in the 331 (1800 sq ft, a pool, and a scenic wash behind the property) for under 300K.  The house is not new and will require some deferred maintenance and there-after they will have a chance to build some sweat equity by updating the second bath and so-forth. But there is a tremendous upside to their investment.  As we say in real estate, “you make your money when you buy.”  Good job you two!

Sold masonkelsey

Not all is lost for the 032 though. Mason, a big Packer fan (we call them evil G’s in my house) is sure to return to Casey Jones the notorious Packer bar at 29th and Bell.  And Kelsey, who has more of an urban bent remains excited about the re-vitalization plans in North Phoenix and plans to visit often.

Welcome to your new home!


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