‘Yeah, you can hang some pictures.’

ni02qjgfwq2rDoes this look like a lot of nails and screws? Can anyone guess how many there are? I do know, I had my 6, 5 and 4 year old count for me.  According to their tally there are, “83, or 84, maybe 89.” Close enough.

Believe it or not all these screws, nails and hooks came out of the walls at my rental property I was cleaning out.  Back when the tenant moved in, she had asked if she could hang some pictures. How did I respond? “Yeah, you can hang some pictures.” Hey, I’ve owned rental properties for 14 years. Also, I used to do paint and drywall work, so a couple holes aren’t a big deal.  Will admit though, seems if there is a loophole to be exploited, renters find them.

ONDSuD8In this case the ‘loophole’ was to the tune of 80 some-odd holes.  Many of them quite large because the tenant opted to use anchors and over sized nails. Basically every square inch of wall space had been covered. It took me a full day to patch and paint.

That said, she rented the property for 4 years and was a really good tenant. What made her so good? A good tenant is one who pays (she never missed a month). I say this because in assisting clients with renting their properties many will say, “I want a good tenant?” Ok, I say, “What does that mean?” They respond with; “I want someone who is self-sufficient in dealing with property issues and it would be good if they take good care of the house too.” I look at them, “What about paying rent?” And they smile and say, “Of course they will pay the rent, right?”

'Son, the lease on your room requires you to keep the room in good order at all times.'

If you are using me to list your property for lease, yes. Through the application process we will vet potential tenants. Financial history does not lie. However, as far as personal habits? It’s a little more a roll of the dice.

When it’s all said and done, yes, it would be better to not have 83, 84, or 89 holes in the walls, but if the rent has been paid it’s all a little easier to swallow; cost of doing business.  And yes, a ‘great tenant’ is one who pays, isn’t needy and takes care of the property.  We’ll call that the golden goose eh?

And lastly, in my next rental agreement, I will make sure to have language that addresses excessive holes. Lesson learned.

What do you think?

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