‘Loaded up and Truckin’

new truck 2

Been a busy month. With my old truck Goldy down, had to find a reliable replacement. uncle jesse 2After scouring the trucks in the Valley, I headed to South Tucson and purchased a 2010 GMC Sierra HD from a very polite military man who had taken very good care of this truck. Still working on a name. Kids and I like Uncle Jesse or just ‘Jesse’ as a nod to Uncle Jesse’s white truck from “Dukes of Hazzard.” Will see if it sticks, eh?

Gate big 1The change in vehicles allows me to pull my trailer, which makes my residential service business a little easier.  (I don’t have to climb in and out of the bed of the truck. Amen to that.) In fact, speaking of uncles, ‘Uncle Louie’ of “Uncle Louie the Restaurant” in North Scottsdale contacted me about saving some of his wooden gates at his home.  Most of the big territorial homes such as Louie’s have gates around the property, but about 15 or so years ago most of the builders began using metal instead of wood.  For obvious reasons the switch made sense.  But Louie likes his wooden gates and thought if they could be salvaged, he would like to keep them. So I said, “I’m the guy, let’s do  it.” http://www.unclelouie.com/

Being a guy from the Land of 10,000 Lakes and many more trees, my first love was woodworking. As the years have passed here in the desert, there has been less and less call for this skill.  Build a threshold, build a gate, repair a gate, repair some termite damage, just a bunch of odds and ends.  Gate big 2But setting up my tools in my shop and cranking some Son Volt and Johnny Cash stokes my soul like nothing else.  Wood is forgiving, malleable, and when brought back to life, very rewarding.  Hope everyone has passion for something of this earth.  100 years ago the average person used to be much more capable with raw resources than we are today. I consider wood a gift from God. What about you? What fires you up?








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