Here come the critters

83996d1397936164-few-jokes-scorpianWith the monsoon in our rear-view mirror, we embark on our next season.  Critter season. After all the rain, the sun continues to shine and the bugs like to come out.  Maybe you already noticed a few extra spiders.  In the last couple weeks I’ve come across a multitude of spiders and three or four scorpions. (Keep in mind I’m in and out of 10 or so properties a week.) One scorpion I thought was dead, wasn’t.  Tried to vacuum him up, he quickly scurried away.

20160909_144647-4Also came across a momma bobcat and her babies.  Bobcat’s will almost always run off, pretty harmless.  But in the case of a momma, I left her alone, she seemed pretty protective.  Within a couple weeks though the babies were big enough to begin their adventurous life and she was gone.  Also came across some active termites, which also tend to come along with the monsoon.  If any wood is exposed and gets wet, it will be a haven for them.

Best you can do is keep your eyes pealed and your head on a swivel. You can also spray around the exterior and interior of your walls.  termite-activity-2Go to your local hardware store and check out what they have.  It’s been my experience if you keep up with spraying quarterly or at least every spring and fall you should be able to keep the bugs under control.

Termites on the other hand, should be inspected by a professional.  They are just too damaging to a structure to risk trying to identify yourself or manage by yourself for that matter. There are many, many companies that provide bug control services in the Valley.  Most of my clients have them in place.  But most of my clients are seasonal and leave their property vacated for a good part of the year.  If you are occupying your home, you can treat it yourself and save a few bucks.  I’m all about solutions.  And a solution is not throwing money at a problem. Just sayin.

aesthetic-medical-canva-open-houseEnough about bugs eh? On another note, want to support all those out there hustling, ‘the movers and shakers.’ Want to give a quick shout out to my friend Patty in the 023. She is co-hosting an “Aesthetic & Medical” open house on Thursday Sept.22 from 4-6 pm @ 10900 N. Scottsdale Road. Suite 501.

RSVP email: These events are great. Always meet wonderful people and get to enjoy free wine and cheese. (Guessing no Budweiser though :)). Love it!  Keep Rockin Patty.

20160914_194242Lastly, my friend Josh in the 032 and I attended the unveiling of my new advertising at Casey Jones last week. Actually we just met for dinner and it was on our table, but still kind of fun. If you happen by the joint, stop in and snap a picture and shoot it my way.  Will give you a shout out in the next blog.

Over and out!

20160921_151226Update 4:34pm.  Just saw this guy.  Think he is sleeping.  shhhh!

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