“Time to move on. Time to get going. What lies ahead I have no way of knowing.”

                                                                                                                        RIP Tom Petty

It’s been an odd fall.  Lot-o-change (I don’t like change) beginning with the last of my 3 of my little turkeys starting kindergarten full time. It’s hard to believe they are growing up so fast!?! With that, life got a little quieter, at least some of the time. Still, it can be hard to move on.

imagesNVTTMIUCSpeaking of moving on… to compound that feeling, one of the big properties I manage sold this summer and the new owners are not need of my services.  Had that property for almost 4 years. Still mange a couple others in that community, so I do a drive-by about once a week (not weird at all).

348sTo commiserate I found myself drowning my sorrows at a place called “Burritoholics” in Cave Creek.  Think they may have the best burritos in all of Phoenix. As my friend Corey in the 331 says, “They’re so good!” If you happen up that way, stop in and have one… even if you don’t have sorrows to drown .

Fast forward to last week. We got the band back together. My kids were on fall break and we took a couple day trip to Tucson. A chance to bond and reconnect. After some hiking and swimming at our hotel, The Westward Look Resort (very underrated old place), we went to the Pima Air and Space Museum.  It was pretty cool; very well run, loto planes, not too expensive, overall pretty good action.


The Westward is in that northern corridor of Tuscon that butts up the Catalina Mountains as is the little more fancy Lowes Ventana. Been that way a few times now.  It’s not the “painted desert,” though it is pretty.  But it’s Tucson, a U-turn town if there ever was one. Make me nuts eh?


Finally we returned in time for the weekend and to cap things off we had some friends and friends of friends over for grilling, fish-fry, chicken tacos and tortilla soup.  Sort of a celebration for no reason.  The kids played and laughed and the parents relaxed and had fun. It was a great end to the week. Think I’ll be able to lay off the burritos for awhile.

mom20and20me-page-001-e1508865924595.jpgLastly want to give a shout out to my wonderful Mother who turned 75 this month.  She’s the toughest, most resilient person I know. I also give her credit for encouraging my craziness.  Wouldn’t be who I am with out her. Happy Birthday Mom! I love you.




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