Too Much Stuff?


Was on a Realtor tour last week driving to and fro multiple properties. Being that it was bright and sunny, I had my sun glasses on.  At the same time I was trying to read the directions on the listing sheets. But because I had my sun glasses on, I wasn’t wearing my readers.  Not wanting to sacrifice my sun protection, I subtly slid my readers on in front of my sun glasses.  Then I kind of sheepishly looked up at the other two people riding with me and realized they were both doing the same thing! Led to some good laughs.


Maybe Mr. Pitt can pull off this look, but most of us tend to look kind of funny wearing two pairs of glasses.  I say to the others, “I’m thinking about turning my sun glasses into bi-focal’s. Aside from no longer looking ridiculous, it would be one less thing to carry.” And the guy sitting in my back seat pipes-up and says, “Too much stuff. We are carrying too many things, you got to get rid of something.” He pauses, then say’s, “Or get a briefcase.”


Don’t think that’s going to happen. Can I turn my RayBans into bi-focals?

On another note, as some may have noticed, we are going “retro” here at; i.e. the Son Volt logo is back. Am currently in the process of having a new web-site built for my Real Estate company Dominion Fine Homes. I’m even paying someone to do it for me, My Friend Jesse of Ironwood Images in the 032. The reason is this; over the last 8 or so years, the two businesses have fed each other and enjoyed quite a bit of synergy. But moving forward, my primary business is growing Dominion Fine Homes.  And while I’ve always gotten a lot of positive feedback for this blog, there has been some expressed concern that it’s not representative of a Real Estate Brokerage.  Nuff said. From here on out the two will stay in their own lanes.


Lastly, have been reading a book about the Wright Brothers and their path to flight. (David McCullough 2015) It’s interesting because after their initial success at Kitty Hawk they returned to their home in Dayton, Ohio and continued trying to “fly.” In 1903-04 they made over 500 test flights in Dayton.  All the locals knew what they were trying to do and the Wrights even invited the local press to come watch. But none ever came.  It was Amos Root from Medina, Ohio who traveled 200 miles on muddy roads to see the Wright’s experiments.  And while he was very impressed and even sent reports of the boys success to the American Scientific Magazine, he received no reply. Like the locals, not many took what they were doing seriously.


Finally in 1905 in his own trade magazine, Gleanings in Bee Culture, Amos Root wrote:

“…these brothers have probably not even a faint glimpse of what their discovery is going to bring to the children of men. No one living can give a guess of what is coming along this line, much better than any one living could conjecture the final outcome of Columbus’ experiment….”— , Jan. 1, 1905  Root is basically comparing the Wrights to Christopher Columbus.


And sitting there in Dayton, right under their noses, man took flight and not single local reporter had come to see. What could have been going on in Dayton in 1903-04 that seemed more important? Not even a “look-see?”

Makes ya wonder…What is happening under our noses today?


What do you think?

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