Lost in Excelsior


Returned home to Minnesota last week to be with my mother who was in the last hours of her long courageous battle with cancer. Fortunately she was at home and being made as comfortable as possible.

It was fitting that her final breath was taken in Excelsior, a small town on the south shore of Lake Minnetonka. Our house growing up was only about 5 miles away and the town was very much a fixture of my youth.


My Mom loved the town.  Her Uncle Harry, who lived on the Dickinson family farm in South Dakota had been sent to Excelsior to finish high school during the depression. The prairie was no longer providing.  It proved to be a total coup for Harry. The little lake town cultivated his potential and in many ways he re-set the trajectory of the Dickinson’s.

In doing so, a path was set for my mother and father and they would find their way out to Minnetonka in 1972.  For many years we lived on ol’ Leemans Drive across from Bennett Park.  Eventually though as early “empty-nesters” they moved into Excelsior. From there they moved to Orono, on the north side of the lake. But about 5 years ago they returned to Excelsior, where she spent her last days.

Think we were fortunate in that my siblings and I were all able to be with her and my dad in her final hours. Don’t think that happens all the time. But in the few days after her passing, think we were all lost in Excelsior. She would have loved it.


My Mom, she was an incredible woman. She loved God with all her heart and sought truth her entire life. I will miss her so much.

I’ve attached her obituary, beautifully written by my sister Tricia.

Bonnie Huntley 10-4-42 – 12-6-18

Much love to all. God bless.

BL photo funeral_edited

RIP Bonnie Lou Dickinson Huntley

2 thoughts on “Lost in Excelsior

  1. I think we have that Excelsior sign somewhere around here. I remember moving to Minnetonka in November of 1971. We stayed at the Christmas lake Motel the night we arrived. The next morning we woke up to snow and I remember seeing the Ferris wheel at the Excelsior amusement park. I attached a video of the park, enjoy the groovy music.

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