The 032 Getting Headlines

“Phoenix starts ‘building blocks’ of new 32nd Street”


My friend Sarah sent this article over, it was in the AZ Republic this weekend.  Brenna Goth writes about the changes coming to the 032.  I’m paraphrasing here; but the ultimate vision for this corridor in N. Phx is to have it be more pedestrian friendly, via bike lanes with various spots for displays of local public art up and down 32nd st.   The thought being this would cater to people looking to hike at Lookout Mountain and spend the day leisurely trolling restaurants and shops in the 032.


Think the question becomes chicken or egg?  Do we need the infrastructure to make it more pedestrian friendly for the restaurants and shop to flourish?  Or are we seeing a demand for infrastructure because the businesses are already popping up and the experience would be enhanced because there would be fewer vehicles and more bikes?

Check out the article. Post your comments here.

Does this impact how you see N. Phx?

Lots to talk about!

What do you think?

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