More “Revitalization” talk in the 032

Cactus map

My friend Pat in the 032 sent this article over.  Seems there are many people excited about the potential for urban renewal in North Phoenix.

Check out the article:

What’s the biggest obstacle keeping this from happening? There is the issue of funding and tax dollars for the project. But really that will all be worked out when the Millennial group starts buying houses.  And not new builds in Mesa or Chandler, but good ol’fixer uppers that require a little sweat equity to get started.  Just like most of our parents first starter homes.  And the 032 is full of them with nice size lots that are located close to everything!

Will say this, there will never be interest rates as low as they are right now again in our lifetime (I’m 41).  And there is a program right now that if you live in Maricopa County for which people might be able to qualify.  The Home in 5 Plan essentially provides you with a grant for your down payment.

Also check out my friend Teren.  He knows the 032 in and out. An awesome guide to your new home.

Time to rock-n-roll!


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