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Haven’t had a post for awhile.  Have been busy working off the back of my truck “Goldy,” servicing rental properties for people that I help self-manage. It’s been a hot summer folks.

Was heading out for dinner last evening with My Friend Sarah, when she suggested we hit one of the restaurants at Desert Ridge. I had to pause for a moment and think.  Yeah, Desert Ridge has a couple good places to eat.  Nori Sushi is good and the enchilada stack at Yard House is definitely a favorite of mine.  But here’s reality and why I had to think twice.  With the Marriott next door, most of the places at Desert Ridge tend to feel touristy and often they treat you as such, prices and all.  Can feel like I’m paying for fine dinning when I’ve only had a cheese burger.

So I said, “Hey, why not head to Casey Jones in the 032?” She said, “I’m ok with that.” Then she said, “And hey, after we can go bowling across the street.”  “Sounds good to me!” So off we went.

I’ll admit all day long I’m a creature of habit. I find things I like and stick with’em.   But there is something to be said for people and places not taking themselves too seriously.  The folks at Casey Jones are as salt of the earth as you’ll ever find.  Not everything on the menu is great.  You just have to navigate it a little.  But stuff like the guacamole and chips are freshly made and recently I discovered the sweet potato frys! The service is generally really good and there is a steady stream of classic rock playing over-head and usually not too loud. It’s simple and not expensive. What’s not to like? (Other than it’s a Packer Bar).

As we finished up eating and were heading over to the bowling alley, we made a pit stop at the Frys at 32nd and Bell so Sarah could get some socks. As I waited in the car looking at the newly paved 32nd street and all the hard working people hustling to and fro.  My heart felt a little heavy.  I love what this community is trying to do.  Urban renewal gives people hope.  It’s not just investment in streets and businesses, but investment in people, investment in property values.

So why does my heart feel a little heavy?  Urban renewal aint no slam dunk. We can re-pave roads and put in bike lanes, but if people head up to the Desert Ridges or over to the Scottsdale Corridors for their dinning and entertainment, the 032 might come and go all over again. That would be a shame.

We finally arrived at the AMF Desert Lanes.  I commented on how good the place looked and they said they had put quite a bit of money into their remodeling.  Good for them, it shows.

Overall it was a great night.  Good food, good fun, great company.  I beat Sarah in both games we bowled, though she had an opportunity to get me in the 10th frame after getting a strike on her first attempt.  But no go. Maybe next time.

Lastly, want to give a shout out to My Friends Josh, Patty and Pat from Genesis Church in the 032. They recently returned from a mission trip to Ghana.  One of Josh’s big take-aways was how resilient the people are.  Despite having been enslaved and only recently freed, they are happy and appreciative for their lives.  Amen to that.

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  2. The cheese curds at Casey jones are some of the best around. The cheese is straight out of Ellsworth WI.

    Unfortunately the 032 lost one of the best Mexican restaurants around in Leneros, but if you’re up for sushi check out sushi ave right next to the bowling alley. The garlic tuna is amazing and they have reasonable prices.

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