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1430928da07380d6bf49769a38be0013It’s only taken a little over a year and half but ‘’ just went over 2000 reads. Much appreciation to anyone and everyone who has ever read this bit of goofiness. And I really appreciate those of you that have encouraged me to keep it up. I love it. Thank you, thank you!

Thinking back to a couple years ago, it was obvious; I’d been selling houses in North Phoenix since 2005 and I had come to really love the community. Why not write about it? Why not pump the businesses, the restaurants, the parks and recreation; the community as a whole?  And for awhile it gave me an excuse to drink beer with My Friend Josh in the 032. (Had to scout all the watering holes). 🙂

32 northAt roughly that same time, the 032 started an urban revitalization project. The city began repaving and lining 32nd Street with bicycle lanes as well as several other improvements. In Real Estate we call this ‘addressing the deferred maintenance.’

cars4There has been a lot of change in this community in the last 20 years, namely state route 51.   Before that, 32nd Street was the main drag from North Phoenix to Central Phoenix and the community prospered because of all the traffic. But when the 51 was built it created a de-facto bypass.  This is the same story as all the small towns on Route 66, but in an urban center. funny-cars-movie-lightning-mater-real-lifeAnd like ol’ Radiator Springs in “Cars” after awhile the place looked like it had seen better days. In this case, the city (not Lightning McQueen) finally came back around and began fixing up main street (urban renewal). The business have followed that lead and started reinvesting in their own places, hoping all the while people would come back and the community would have a sort of renaissance.

Fast forward to January 17. I have a client interested in buying an investment property in the 85028, just south of the 032. It had been awhile since I had shown property in North Phoenix.  When selling, it’s different than just driving through. The eye tends to be a bit more critical. And while my client isn’t particularly familiar with the area, he expressed skepticism of anything inside the beltway. That said, he knows there are good investment properties in North Phoenix and felt it was worth a look.

imagesThe connection between the two zip codes, the 032 and 028, is that the 028 has a nice but modest residential area that sits just south of the 032 and butts up to Paradise Valley. It has been a haven for investors for a long time. Because of this proximity, people living there are going to patronize the business of the 032. It’s convenient. And for potential buyers, the better the 032 looks, the better the 028 looks. (Been yapping about this for awhile now eh?)

20160914_194242-2So I put my money where my mouth is and gave my client the grand tour. We first stopped for lunch at Casey Jones. Figured the ol’boy would like the trains running around the ceiling, and he did. When finished, we headed east on Bell passing the remodeled AMF Bowling Center, over to 32nd Street south. The north end of 32nd street is still mainly a hodgepodge of mom and pops, but businesses like A to Z Equipment Rental are right there, which can be handy.

imagesAs we got south of Greenway there is a nice run of parks and churches as well as a new school being built by Great Hearts Academy just north of Thunderbird.  He then noticed the Original Breakfast House on the east side of the road, which he has heard good things about.”Hey, let’s grab lunch there next time” he says. Finally as we approached Cactus, the view of Piestewa Peak and the surrounding mountains are upon us. As we arrive at our destination, before seeing any properties, I turn to him and ask, “Whatya think?” (I’m nervous because of that ‘expressed skepticism.’) But he smiles and says, “Looks pretty good.”

p1914450547-4Roger – that.

Seems there will be a new homeowner in North Phoenix very soon.

Keep on Truckin 032.





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      1. Thanks for the info. Terin… I’m kind of a steak guy but I’ve found that no one makes a steak better than I do. Do you have any recommendations there?


  1. Love the stories and you must a great client since he recognized all the great places in the 028 and 032. Keep up the great writing you good at it!

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