Football’s over?

951eaa63675c9e51cfdf004a71e3ceceWhat an ending to the Super Bowl.  Incredible game, incredible finish. Began the game rooting for the Falcons, but by the third quarter I was rooting for the Patriots.  What can a guy say? Greatest of all time? Think that’s about it.

Thinking back to September, I made the prediction the Cardinals and Vikings would meet in the NFC Championship Game.  Ok, so neither made the playoffs. So much for predictions. Not sure what will happen next year for either of those clubs. Neither is trending in the right direction. Will say the Falcons started 5-0 last year before faltering to an 8-8 mark. Sound familiar Purple? Maybe next year the Vikes will have a chance to choke in the Super Bowl.  And how lucky, Minneapolis will be hosting the Big Game, so that could particularly painful.

f60880ab6b34587510b2b8a0726fff09Joking aside. What stands out about the Patriots is their discipline.  Discipline seemly at every level; from ownership, to coaching, to players executing all the way down to the last minute.  All hands on deck, everyone pulling in the same direction.

Not sure if this has been mentioned yet, but being the nerdy sports historian I am, I do have a theory.  Patriot Coach Bill Belichick at one time coached at Westpoint (Army), as did his predecessor and mentor Bill Parcells.  Before that it was Vince Lombardi. uncle-ricoAnd on the basketball side both Mike Krzyzewski and Bob Knight coached there as well.  Anybody ever heard of these guys? It’s pretty much the Mount Rushmore of coaching. Holy cow!

And let’s be honest; if you look at the Patriots players, many of them don’t necessarily look like world-class athletes. Kind of look like a bunch guys who might be too small for high school ball. But here they are: champs again. Discipline? Yeah, I think so.

06c777f83e3c4434fd48c2fe0618e224Last thing on the football front. My Friend Tim (formerly of the 331), has been a life-long San Diego Charger fan. Really disappointed for him that they have moved to LA. Just doesn’t seem right. Chargers belong in San Diego, Colts belong in Baltimore, Oilers belong in Houston. Know what I mean? Raiders probably belong in Vegas, but now that’s not going to happen. Oh well. RIP Bolts.

b4a599c7028393ac195cc185826c872cLastly, on the property front.  With all the rain this winter, I am seeing a lot of termite activity at the properties I manage. Not a huge deal if it is treated, but if it’s not, your house may fall down. Just a heads up, eh?


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