imagesHad a chance last weekend to drive up north on Hwy 89 to Hwy 160 east to Colorado.  This route runs just south of Southern Utah. Incredibly scenic, great rock formations, good road conditions, the whole deal. Been all over the West the last 25 years, never been up that way. Funny.

pagosa-springsDestination: Pagosa Springs Colo.  The brother of my wife was getting married.  Heard it said, “10 pm in Pogosa is like midnight everywhere else.” Not sure what that means, but it sounds like the place has a reputation. The town sits in the southern end of the state surrounded by the San Juan mountains. It’s known for it’s hot springs. It is quite beautiful.

cf87c1d7-577a-4c1f-be50-32aace942298_1The weekend was action packed. Dinners and parties all the way. My wife’s family and I all shared a lodge together called Winslow on the Shire.  It’s a Tudor style chalet nestled into the Rockies. Place can sleep as many as 30 people.  Believe we had 25 or so. Guessing it’s 10-12,000 square feet (couldn’t find out exactly). In fact all the wedding activities took place there. The grooms dinner, wedding and reception. It’s hard to imagine a place that could accommodate such an event. But it worked out well. The sun shined, the mountain beamed, the kids played and we all had some good chuckles.

luke-5As for the bride and groom, Kari and Luke.  They are as fine of people you’ll ever meet.  Wish them the absolute best. They are currently driving (or already there) to North Carolina for their honeymoon. Hope he has a good map. Hear he isn’t very good at directions (see map).

images3qgcillcLastly, find it important to always provide some sort of tip, usually in the realm of property management or real estate, but this time I leave you with some personal hygiene advice.  For me Carmex, has been incredibly helpful in battling chapped lips.  Growing up in Minnesota, I always had one in my pocket.  Find it can be useful in the desert as well, or even this weekend up in Colorado.  But here’s the thing: You can use Carmex on anything that is dry or chapped. 'I'm telling you, with the right moisturizer and lip balm you could avoid all of that chaffing.'

Just sayin.



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