snowbirds%20meme2016 was a great year.  Hoping 2017 is even better.  And nothing quite says new year like driving around Cave Creek this last week seeing the influx of people.  Some call’em “winter visitors,” others say “snowbirds.” My understanding is that “snowbird” has a negative connotation. Not sure why, just seems descriptive.

250px-gilabendsignNo matter, I call many of them “Client.” Yes sir, roger that. My residential service business is based on helping these people maintain second homes here in Cave Creek/Carefree.  As a guy who has lived a few places before settling in the desert, I can appreciate the unique culture that comes with a population that only spends part of the year here.  What has always stood out to me is that with so many people from other places gathering here, they tend to be open and friendly; interested in meeting new people.  Makes it easy to make new friends. Think we have all had experiences in closed-off cultures, not cool.

2e9738d011e76d8208aa49cac2a52660e9692c8eb87650e75173309cda973304However, that said, I do think there’s a downside. As people return each season they tend to bring “back home” with them.  This can range from endless discussion of events from their home city/state to boasting about the frigid cold in the north or simply bringing extremely slow driving conditions with them. Of course we all bring our sports teams with us (can’t help that I bleed Purple).

2Yeah, that’s all good, but we’re in the desert now. This is the wild west folks. Way back when Horase Greely said, ‘Go west young man.’ He meant to move forward,  embrace the unknown.  Leave the old-self behind and see who you become. It’s exciting and if it’s not, you should probably hitch a ride on the next stagecoach out of town.

22222My hope is that your “hi” will turn into a “howdy” and that you fall in love with the desert like I have.  But remember, some of these old boys have been living out here in the hot sun for a long time. They’re working, hustling, chasing horses and they don’t much care about that Alberta clipper wreaking havoc up north.

And no hard feelings about you leaving when it gets hot.  I have my most fun when nobody is here.


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