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My Friend Josh sent this over.

Hi folks, Josh in the 032 here with a couple of thoughts on the recent post titled “Support the 032.”

I live in the 032. My parents live in the 032. I go to church in the 032. I worked in the 032 for several years. I met some of the greatest people you’ll ever meet in the 032. (This blogger is top shelf.)

Yes, I recently returned to the 032 from a mission trip to Ghana Africa to play with and be rejuvenated by kids who used to be slaves. They embrace life in incomprehensible ways. A group of total strangers travel 36 hours to see them and are instantly embraced as family. They all have a life of brokenness from their families; grueling, dangerous manual labor from an early age; and stories to make you cry. But they are NOT crying. They rejoice in their freedom every day. They are happy to do their laundry. Happy to go to school. Happy to play soccer with a flat ball. They have found community.

Returning to the 032, it’s home and it’s the same of course, but things change. There’s a fence around the Circle-K on T-Bird and 32nd street. More of 32nd street is paved. Missed some family I hadn’t seen in years who were in town while I wasn’t. I walk through neighborhoods in the 032 and only wish we had the sense of community and welcoming we received from former slaves. One place I find community is Genesis Church. Right behind the now defunct Circle-K. Good people. Searching.

Here’s hoping you find your 032. And for those of us who live, work, worship and/or play here…let’s make the 032 a better place to come home to.

In the 032,


Well said my friend!

Not sure how I feel about the Circle K being gone.  Have enjoyed a soda from there a time or two.  With no offense to Circle K, their business model is bottom shelf.

Wondering what the plan is for that building? If you have ever been in there think you will agree, it needs to be demoed. Here is a picture of a defunct Circle K sitting in south Phoenix.


Hoping this doesn’t happen in the 032.

Does anyone remember the movie “Planes, Trains and Automobiles,” with Steve Martin and John Candy?  There was a scene where it was late at night and they were unknowingly driving the wrong way on the highway. Some guy pulls up along side of them and is franticly yelling, “You’re going the wrong way.”  They sort of mock him, think he drunk or something. Steve Martin asks himself, “How does he know where we are going?”

Weirdly, it feels that way in the 032 some days.  Love 32 Shea, but not real happy with Walgreens building on top of it. Which way are we going??

Reminds me of the infamous words of Ice Cube from “Boys in the Hood.” “Either they don’t know, they don’t show, or they just don’t care what’s going down in the ‘hood.”

32 north

Lastly, stock market down 1000 points at one point this am.  That’s harsh.  Keep your heads up and your hearts strong.

Over and out.

One thought on “More on 032 in Ghana

  1. I agree that demolition serves this right. How about we rectify a work of public art in its place a la Frank Lloyd Wright and Scottsdale Rd in the 254? You know that huge abstract cactus like spear that towers over as a lighthouse. Now I’m not calling for that, but how about we don’t go Walgreens on this corner & truly revitalize with a unique piece of art? I’m in from concept to completion. El Cuy- signing off.

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