So Long Circle K

My Friend “El Cuy” in the 032 responded to “More on 032 in Ghana,”

“I agree that demolition serves this right. How about we rectify a work of public art in its place a la Frank Lloyd Wright and Scottsdale Rd in the 254? You know that huge abstract cactus like spear that towers over as a lighthouse. Now I’m not calling for that, but how about we don’t go Walgreens on this corner & truly revitalize with a unique piece of art? I’m in from concept to completion. El Cuy- signing off.”

032 circle K

Picture courtesy of My Friend Josh.
Which he also commented,
“That’s bottom shelf, 032 style.”
Let’s go middle shelf eh?
Roger that to your response Chuck, “El Cuy” 🙂
Lets do it to it! Tomorrow is today.

What do you think?

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