OBH Making Headlines


Want to give a quick shout out to My Friend John at Original Breakfast House in the 032.  He received a very nice write up in the Phoenix New Times last week.

Check it out: http://www.phoenixnewtimes.com/restaurants/original-breakfast-house-in-north-phoenix-is-a-cozy-neighborhood-breakfast-spot-7602514

While the OBH continues to flourish and offer hope for revitalization in the 032. Just next door the defunct Circle K continues to sit, complete with lovely chain link fence.  I’m sure potential home buyers rolling into the 032 are really encouraged when they see an abandoned convenience store sitting. Seems to be the yin and yang of the 032.

032 circle K

That said, I do want to continue to encourage people that home-ownership is still a great investment.  It offers an opportunity to build equity in an asset that you may be able to use as leverage towards a bigger investment down the line.  But you got to get an iron in the fire.  Starter homes in North Phoenix are a great place to begin.

Check out this article from az central.com. Provides some basic metrics for someone who is thinking about taking the plunge.



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