Pow Wow @ 32nd and T-Bird

RacoonRacoon 2Have a friend here who is looking for a game of tennis or basketball.  Think he’s more of a basketball player though. Looks like he is going to plant himself on the 3 point line.  Guess he’s been watching Steph Curry.


Want to give a shout out to my friend Keith in the 032.  He is hosting/coordinating the 3rd POW WOW (Produce On Wheels Without Waste) event of the season.  Set up will be in the parking lot in front of Genesis Church at the corner of 32nd and T-Bird tomorrow morning.  For $10 anyone can pick up to 60lbs of produce. Gates open at 7:30, volunteers are asked to be there by 6:45. Wrap up is at 11am.

Come join us if you can.  It’s a wonderful time to be out in the crisp morning air enjoying community.

Lastly, want to remind everyone to keep their water mains and irrigation systems covered for a few more weeks.  Had an issue at one of the properties I manage.  Plumber came out, said people have been getting hit with cracked pipes everywhere.  FYI folks, more than likely that aint copper coming in from the your water meter (pvc is cheaper for builders to install).

Hope to see you this weekend!

Over and out.

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