Website Connects Nieghbors


Anyone remember what movie this is from?  Can you tell me what “technology” they are destroying?  Classic!

As technology like smart phones, apps, Facebook, blogs and so on have permeated their way into the mainstream culture, it’s been my way to take a wait-and-see attitude before jumping in.  It’s good a way to find out what has staying power without investment in fads or trends that come and go.

Problem is… When I finally did get a smart phone about a year ago, I had to take a class so I could understand how to work it.  Funny thing, at 42 I was the youngest person in the class by 15 years or so.  Accept the instructor of course, who was probably around 25.  Seems the world is turned upside-down these days.

All this said, my friend Kelsey in the 331 sent over an invitation to a new website called  Maybe it’s not new. It’s new to me.  But seems like a great way for communities to better connect on nuts and bolts type issues such as finding a lost dog or tortoise, as is the case where I live.  Maybe you want to sell an end table without attracting every looky-loo in the valley.  To me though, this is a great way to exchange info on vendors or maybe, just maybe, saying hi to those who live around you.  Boy am I living in the fast lane now.

looky loos

Attached invite link below.

Say howdy neighbor!waving-people

What do you think?

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