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It is not my intention to become a reviewer of services, but as my experience has grown with managing properties and the people that work on them, there is no reason to not share some of this experience.  And I do tend to get calls and text(s) from people asking about a/c companies, termite services, plumbers etc. etc. that I use and trust.  This is as a good a forum as any to elaborate further.

The Good…

Advanced Plumbing Services

Really impressed with this company on every level.  With managing seasonal residential homes in Cave Creek/Carefree I deal with quite a few vendors.  Rarely are they awesome. Find most companies have grown too large for themselves and service really suffers.  Not the case with Advanced.  Owner came out gave me estimate that did not change after job was done.  They were able to get repair scheduled very quickly.  Guys that came out and performed service were very professional and did a great job.  Mind you, this is a $3.5 million dollar mansion on Black Mountain that had a burst pipe under the floor. It was important they worked clean.  It’s a short list of great plumbing companies in this Valley. This is one!

The Ugly…

Priceless Plumbing, Heating Air & Electrical

I Used Priceless on a big job of another seasonal resident that required several service dates. Not once did they come within the two hour window they provided, nor did they call prior to arrival.  Pleaded with dispatcher to be more communicative.  Didn’t make a difference. Prices were too high. It was difficult to get estimates in advance.  Need I say more?

Both of these reviews I posted on Yelp which I find to also be a good resource for finding vendors and restaurants and such.


Also want to follow up on my last post about Like I said, I prefer a wait and see approach to websites and technology.  I was too quick to give it a shout out before I had enough experience with it. It’s mostly cat’s, dogs, javelinas and snippiness between neighbors. It’s already been marked for my spam folder.  Of course, I don’t have animals, and I have seen several pets get returned home through the site. So it may just not be my cup of tea.  Proceed with caution.

2 thoughts on “Plumbing Companies

  1. Happy to see you’re back at it! I know many possibly stay away from Yelp for the same reason they stay away from Facebook, just don’t buy into the hype and they prefer a small market. Having a review on your blog offers a mom-&-pop, Original Breakfast House type of service (review) to those staying away from mainstream. Bravo!


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