Pizza Wednesday

This-is-you-when-ordering-PizzaHad an interesting lunch yesterday.  Was enjoying my once a week nooner at Barro’s Pizza in Cave Creek.  It’s a good deal, a slice, a salad and drink for about 4 bucks.  (Suggest to always assist the Barro’s slice with a salad. Just an fyi).  Anyway, generally I like to mind my own business, but a couple 20 something’s came in and sat next to me and they were TALKING REALLY LOUD.  Tried to ignore as their conversation began with their on-line dating exploits on Tinder.  Eventually the conversation turned to Real Estate.  One of them has a home for sale out in a town I hadn’t heard of.  He is trying to sell it himself. We call this FSBO, For Sale By Owner. He has purchased a lock box and a FSBO sign and when realtors call him to show, he gives them the lock box code and lets them show.  He’s got it figured out, except it has been sitting there for almost a year.

Funny-real-estateLet’s be honest. Home buyers, home sellers, have more information and resources available to them then ever before. So it’s understandable why people think they can do it themselves. But is it possible that many Realtors are by-passing the FSBO when they are working with buyers? Absolutely. I have called on FSBO sellers before, generally just because I saw their sign and wanted to see what they were asking.  They can be ornery.  Obviously they have already to chosen to try and by-pass the Realtor as it is. But really, most serious buyers are working with an agent, so it’s in the FSBO’s best interest to at least be courteous. “Bring me a buyer.” 🙂

batmanFinally as I was finishing my lunch, I heard the guy say, “Hey, I’m not going to pay someone 15% or whatever it is to sell my house.”  To which the other guy responded, “Yeah, and I think you need 2 agents.”  So I wiped my mouth looked over and said, “Hey guys, I’m sorry, I couldn’t help but overhear your conversation.” To which they both looked at me very blankly. I continued, “I’m in Real Estate, and it’s generally 6%, 3% to each side. It can be a tricky transaction, it’s good to have someone guiding you through it.” With that I dropped my card and headed to the drink station for a refill of Sprite and went out the door.  It was my mike drop moment.  What can I say.  Helping one homeowner at a time.

But come on, 15%? I can see why he didn’t want to hire an agent. If nothing else get educated.  Interview a couple Realtors, see what they have to say.  It’s a service business. We are there to make this transaction as easy as possible.


What do you think?

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