“So, what you’re sayin is…”

The 032 is a really good investment.  As we continue to gather more annual data post 08′ crash, what may not have been perceived as strong neighborhoods are showing their strength. This comes from Catherine Reagor over at the AZ Republic:

"It's in a very, very, very good neighborhood."

“The northeast Phoenix ZIP code 85032 draws the most buyers in the city. Last year, 1,151 homes sold across the area’s neighborhoods. Even as Phoenix area sales slowed by 15 percent in 2014, sales in 85032 climbed almost 16 percent. Its central location, freeways, shopping and parks are popular with buyers and renters. The median home price climbed more than 10 percent in 2014, double the overall rate for the Valley. Foreclosures had been high in this area, but now buyers looking for a deal have fewer short sales from which to choose.”

momandpopIt seems clear as to why people flocked back to the 032; location, location, location. But from that stand point one would think the great recovery would be evident in local business.  That aspect still appears to be in flux.  Part of what makes North Phoenix so attractive is the accessibility to Scottsdale; in particular the Scottsdale Quarter and Kierland Commons.  And of course there is Desert Ridge and City North just across the 101 to the north.  Maybe I’m a broken record, but it would be good if the “mom and pops” in the 032 had an opportunity to thrive.  Here’s to you OBH, Casey Jones, Rainbow Doughnuts, Shea 032. Keep rollin.

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