I can work here?

f73a5f94023f55a79f5f3d2023f9589cAre you looking for a desk to rent or a boardroom to host a meeting? No, my barn is not available.  However, according to Hayley Ringle over at the Phoenix Business Journal, Desk Hub is opening a 10,000 square foot office space at City North. For $300 a month one can use a desk space up to 12 times a month.  $400 will allow for unlimited use.  There is also a kitchen and coffee area available as well.

The executive suite idea is not new.  But something of this scale is fairly unique.  City North has had a heck of a time making a go of it.  Allowing Desk Hub to turn 10,000 square feet into rentable office space seems to be a short term solution for cash flow.  And with the amount of infrastructure and development happening around City North, it seems pretty evident the corridor will eventually have its hey day.  When that happens, the commercial space will likely revert back to high end retail. But for now this is a good solution.  Love solutions.

6dcaaf275091c767873e24a239fe5bacWhat really caught my eye was a quote from Desk Hub founder and CEO Jay Chernikoff, I’m paraphrasing here, “the North Phoenix hub is a bit a haven for people doing entrepreneurial stuff.” I haven’t heard that but it makes sense. Entrepreneurs are going to follow development. Just hope they aren’t all Realtors 🙂 And as a guy who used to use a coffee shop as my office, it’s good to see there are some other options.  For me though, I have landed in barn heaven. I can write a blog or build a mail-box all in the same space.

'My problem is, I lost my first million before I made my first million.'

Here’s a link to the article if you are interested in reading more…



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