“You aint got’em, you gonna get’em”

NoahThis seems to be the favorite saying of the termite guys.  Let’s just say the desert and wood are a really bad combo.  So you go ahead and get your property treated complete with warranty.  Or you buy an existing home and you have it inspected and are given a clean bill of health. In either case you think you are good to go.  Keep your eyes pealed folks, sorry to say, termites seem to pop up any time any place.

Case in point, last summer had a through inspection done on an investment property I acquired.  Guy say’s, “Place is good, no termites.” Awesome.  6-7 months later, I’ve got a buyer.  Their inspector comes in and say’s, “The place is infested.” “What?!?” I call my guy who did the previous inspection and ask, “Can it happen that fast? Or did you miss something?”  He stands by his inspection, and says, “Yes, it can happen that fast.”

629f9fc0b1dbf95b59c18164477d1f53Seems fishy, but I’m no expert and really, we are all at the mercy of what the professionals say.   So CYA. If one company say’s you don’t have them, possibly it is in you and your properties best interest to get a second opinion. If that seems redundant, then make sure you keep up with annual inspections. There are also companies that will provide monthly critter treatment which do not necessarily protect against termites, but at least you will have eye’s on the place and if they see’em, they will let you know.

What do you think?

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