Generation X

'I have to do my homework now, Mom, I'll help you with the computer when I finish.'

When I began this blog, much of my thinking was to market my services to the “Millennial” group chasing up my back-side. Not a new idea.  Who isn’t trying to capture that market? They are vast; the Millennial (whom we define as between ages 18 to 34 in 2015) are projected to number 75 -80 million, surpassing the projected 74.9 million Boomers (ages 51 to 69). They are smart and they are entering into their earning prime.

Talking about my generation, the “Gen Xer’s,” (ages 35 to 50 in 2015) we sit at about 50 – 60 million. Seems no one is talking about capturing us as a market.  “What, just because we are a small, not-so successful generation that isn’t as tech savvy like the up and comers?

z-book_zpsoa4x7ic8.jpgGoogling “Genration X” may provide some explanation. The headlines read like a bastard step-child that needs to go away. “Gen X is the Most Screwed Generation when it comes to Real Estate”, “Millennial are better at saving than Generation X”, “Gen X and the big self-help lie: In furious middle age, a ‘Life Reimagined’ feels impossibly out of reach.” And my favorite “Generation X: Americas neglected ‘middle child'”

b0057642675f6dfd4f63651d90dff302I’m listing all this without providing any context to what they mean, but overall the indication is that things haven’t turned out so great for the Gen Xers. But moreover, the prospects of turning things around are not looking so good. There is a reality to it all.  For myself coming out of the housing collapse in 08, it hit me square between the eyes one day, “I’m going to have to work the rest of my life !?!”  Better to accept it for what it is and roll-on. The silver lining for me is that I am securely self-employed and enjoy what I do.

But many of the conversations I have with guys in my peer group have to do with how much they dislike their jobs and feel like they have no other options.  Seems most feel beholden to having good “benefits.” And for that, the compensation is not very good and the wool can be pulled out from underneath them at any time.

"You young guys might know all about computers and smartphones, but at least we old timers know how to wear a cap properly."I can hear my Pops in my head right now “Your not supposed to like your job! Ya think I liked mine?” “Yeah Pops, but you were paid well and have retired nicely.” The golden parachute is gone.

All I can do is offer encouragement and say ‘stay resilient’ we will be better men and women for toughing it out. And somehow we have to keep ahead of those whippersnappers riding our tails.  Remember, we are the children of the 80’s; Ronald Reagan, riding bikes without helmets, a time when boys actually ‘talked’ to girls.  We organized are own baseball games at the park. And even though they probably shouldn’t have, our parents trusted us enough to leave us at home. Have to find the value in who we are!

And yes Millennial, you are smart and savvy.   SocialMediaI too believe you are going to be earth movers and shakers. Tell me all about it. Just let me show you some real estate while you talk. Zillow and aint opening no doors eh?



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