‘Sure looks dead?’

images38IPBV24In my last post I discussed the pros/cons of the heat and cold.  Mentioned I had heat stroke a few years back. To follow that up, I went out and spend a long day in the heat without enough water, “because I just wanted to finish what I was doing!” Will just re-iterate, ‘If it don’t kill ya, it will make tougher.’ Did feel like I was dying that night though.

The heat can also be pretty cool. It’s amazing to see how fast cacti, flowers and such can grow in the desert because of the heat.  I salvaged a couple rose bushes from a client this spring and planted them in my front yard. Initially they started to bloom, but then the heavy heat hit and so far it has been too much for them.  Realized they need a pretty consistent flow of water this time of year to avoid drying out. (The neighbors must think I am watering dead plants.)  They are not dead.  I keep cutting them back and finding a healthy plant in there.

untitledWill admit though, it has been a bit of a learning curve to understand how to care for them and what adjustments to make as the weather changes.  Nonetheless, I’m confident I will soon have some gorgeous roses shining in my front yard.  It’s like sticking with someone as they go through a hard time.  You help them out any way you can. Sometimes that means just checking on them to see if they need anything, giving them some encouragement.  It’s always good to see someone/something get back on their feet and get going again. Glad I can help. Go roses go!



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