Rain, Roofs and Trucks


Took this picture on top of Black Mountain this morning.  Storm rolling in fast. Good to see the rain.  Even with regular watering, so much of the vegetation around the Valley is dry right now.  The only real negative that comes with rain like this is that if your roof was suspect for repair, you probably know now that you need to have it taken care of .

4a5a48ac4fd3d3773846b9fc3171773dParticularly after the long drawn out heat that we have been experiencing, if a roof had any kind of a vulnerability, it certainly got more dried out and it’s likely the ‘hole’ got bigger.  Which is why it might have been raining in your living room this morning.  Hope not.

Changing gears… Want to give a quick salute to my ol’ truck “Goldy.” After 11 long years of service the ol’ boy has been put out to pasture.  When I bought Goldy used, he had 70,000 miles.  In fact, I found him on ebay in Texas.  It was such a good deal, figured it was worth chasing down. So my new girlfriend at the time (who became my wife and mother to our children) flew out to Houston, picked him up and drove him back to Phoenix.   Ended up putting on another 115,000 miles and almost never had a problem.

ni02qjgfwq2r3This spring though, Goldy started having some trouble and it became cost prohibitive to put the money toward him that was need to get him going again. Time to move on.  But still, there is nothing better than an old, reliable, truck.  RIP Goldy, Best truck ever!


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