Southern AZ


Spent a couple days down in southern Arizona this past weekend. Namely, Tombstone and Sierra Vista.  GunfightersWent to Tombstone so my kids could watch ‘the shootout,’ and if you don’t know what ‘the shootout’ in Tombstone is, go look it up.  This is my second time visiting the town that calls itself ‘Too tough to die.’  I love it.  My kids now love it too.  The shootout is as exciting as it was the first time. The town folk dress in authentic 1880’s garb and remain as sassy as ever.  For me, it provides a peek into old-west life.  But after a couple hours, I have my fill and get in my truck and roll.  Will say, it is a money grab.  Every vendor in every shop is pushing hard for sales.  Aint nothing cheap.  Best way to enjoy, keep on moving.

Next stop was Sierra Vista where my cousin was getting married.  map_az_se_quad_sierra_vistaHave to say, both Tombstone and Sierra Vista are surrounded by incredible mountain scenery.  Was captivated by the views the whole time. Kinda had a lost day in SV, waiting for the wedding.  Not a whole lot to do.  If I were to return, think the best way to enjoy would be to do some camping and hiking.  Btw, wedding was awesome, wish my cousin and her man all the best!

Nevertheless, I’m always amazed at the scenic beauty of Arizona.  It’s a wonderful contrast of worlds between the Valley and our surrounding state.  Most of us are tied to the economy of Phoenix and have to live here.  And Phoenix is fine, be better if the Valley wasn’t completely paved. No matter though, there is plenty of beauty and wonderment to escape to just out our back door.

Keep on Truckin!

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