Big Happenings


Guess I’m what you call resilient, only took me a little over a month to finally get over the trauma of the Purple’s collapse in the NFC Championship.  Oh well, next year, eh? Thought I would soak my disappointment in the hot tub I found on the side of the road, but I haven’t been able to get it up and going yet.  Guys that helped me move it on to the property apparently don’t know how to do electrical work.  Hard to find good help these days.


Aside from all that fun, business continues to churn here in the desert. Last month, the owner of my real estate brokerage, Dominion Fine Homes, texts me early one morning and say’s, “Need to see you asap. It’s of urgency and importance.”  So I go meet with her and say, “Don’t tell me your closing up shop and moving over to the evil empire? (Rhymes with Buss Ryon)?”  ‘Yup’ she says, “But hey do you want to buy the company?”  ‘What?’


Decided that it was go time, this is my shot. Though it hadn’t been on my radar in any way, Dominion Fine Homes is now headquartered out of my garage over here at 63rd Place. We have 16 seasoned agents ready and able to help you with all your real estate needs.  And with an already strong foothold in the Cave Creek / Carefree area we’ll be looking to expand and grow into other markets as we move forward.  If anyone knows of a good agent who is shopping their license, tell’em to give me a call and we can talk some shop.

Newest 3-1-18

So what’s going to happen to Son Volt Properties?  The plan is to continue providing concierge/residential services to my existing clients.  If the right situation(s) arise, I’ll consider taking on more properties.


Last thought. Feels like everything is always going one way while I’m going in the opposite direction.  Recognized this a long time ago, but man or woman, a person’s just got to be who they are. It can be tiring though. But I think about ol’ Ray Crock, the McDonald’s guy, selling those milk shake mixers out of the back of his trunk into his early 50’s.  Why would he keep doing that? He had already found some moderate success in life; at 50, why not slow down? But he knew he was laying ground work for something bigger, he just didn’t know what it was yet. Then he found McDonald’s and he knew exactly what he had been looking for.


Aside from working as a Realtor, I’ve also spent a lot of years now working off the back of the truck, filling every property need that came my way.  Yeah concierge is a nice title, but peal off the shiny label and it’s more janitorial work than anything. How many times I said to myself, ‘Keep going, there has to be value in this.’  Think ol’ Ray Crock was thinking the same thing when he was lugging those mixers around.


Ready for take off?


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