‘Lifestyle & Community’


Rarely have I considered myself to be ahead of the times. In fact, I pride myself more on being behind-the-times.  And I’m not trying to be smarter than anyone else, it’s more a matter of what I can handle.  Couldn’t handle Facebook. Can’t afford apple phones, (I know, iphones) It’s the old k.i.s.s. theory; keep it simple stupid.


But then last week I find myself in a class about Instagram. Have been told lately that it’s going to be all the rage with the younger people moving forward. Feel like it’s important to at least try and keep up with some of these platforms, I am in business after all. So I’m sitting there in this room with quite a few older people, as well as a smattering of younger people.  Guy starts talking “branding,” and “color schemes” and then goes into all the apps that a person can use to manipulate photos and pictures and such.  Lost me.


But about half way through, the whole dialogue turns to “Lifestyle and Community.” “Instead of just posting listings he says, try and talk more about lifestyle and community happenings where you live.” I sit back, kind of look around the room, people are nodding their heads in agreement. He then proceeds to spend the next 45 minutes re-iterating the same point.


The whole time I’m thinking to myself, ‘We’ve been doing this for years here at the 032, starting way-back with My friend Josh. Been talking about chickens, trucks, restaurants, church events, vacation spots, camping trailers, Mittens the mountain lion, home maintenance and on and on. 67 posts worth. So, maybe for once I’m ahead of the game?’


But I’m not ahead of the game. Never will be. Have to remember who we are in these moments. It’s confirming to think that the Lifestyle & Community concept is gaining traction in social media. Just always seemed like a good idea to me.  Also thought this was a good way to tell people about what I do while not making it out to be a resume.


The concept of adapting to another platform however, seems almost disingenuous at this point. Like, I might loose some street-cred if I start getting techie. Shouldn’t even be talking about Instagram.


Instagram is probably going to be the platform of the future. It’s more ambiguous and creative and for the younger generation, easy. The blog is story telling with words (some funny pictures too!). I enjoy the writing and for myself prefer to read stuff on the world-wide-web as opposed to watching videos.  Call me old school, call me crazy, but I’ll stick with what I’m doing.  Always wanted to be a writer, now I am… kind of?  Ain’t giving that up. So for now, we’ll just keep on, keeping on.


One thought on “‘Lifestyle & Community’

  1. I really enjoyed this writing. I laughed several times and I think You are so right! You should write a column for some one. D

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