A camping trailer?


Had a couple ol’ boys come my way a few months ago and ask me if I could build them a cabinet for their camping trailer.  ‘Sure’ I thought, ‘but let me see what it looks like first.’ imagesXKV3SI2QSo I go over and take a look at this very old, somewhat dilapidated trailer they had bought.  Would describe it as, “One mans trash is another mans treasure.” No matter, they were confident they would be able to transform it into a first class hunting/camping trailer.

The concept they were after was to build a small, lightweight fully functional camper that can be taken deeper into the backcountry.  They had also purchased a tent that mounts on the top and folds out. My part was to build a cabinet that sits in the back and pulls out into a cooktop for a make-shift kitchen. So I said, “Get it together and I’ll build you a cabinet.”

2017-02-26 14.55.13Within a month or so they had done their part and rolled it over to my house.  For me, this was one of those projects that takes my mind off work and refreshes the brain. Like a lot of people, when it comes to work, when the phone is ringing it’s usually because there are problems. Roll with the punches eh? But it can get tiresome. So how can I get a re-charge? For me it’s usually working with my hands. And since I had agreed to be paid in beer, I felt like I could take my time.

2017-05-13 17.49.08Fast-forward to last week.  Got a few hours here and there and knocked it out.  Afterward had the boys over to celebrate, recap our journey and pat eachother on the back.  Men being men.  Kind of like it might have been in the old days, before guys played video games and obsessed over tattoos. Just sayin.

imagesAXC243C8Not trying to be snarky or anything. But to me, it feels like there is more and more a disconnect in society. People are becoming increasingly isolated and less reliant on one another (Selfies? Really??) This project was fun because we collaborated our skills and built something pretty cool. It wasn’t just one guy and there was very limited ego involved. But it took welding, machine work and woodworking to complete. Not many guys versed in all those skills. Takes a village eh?

'Oh course!'Along those lines, my mind wonders, “What else can people do to shake themselves up?” Bike riding is really big here in Cave Creek. And recently I saw an article discussing much of this subject by former Phoenix councilman Bill Gates. Gates was instrumental in jump-starting the re-vitalization in North Phx. He hits on a lot of this topic as far as getting out with people and being more ‘communal.’ It doesn’t have to be a building project, just anything that gets people doing things together. And while I am not seeing a ton of usage of the bike lanes on 32nd street, I am hearing of groups of people in North Phx getting together on the weekends and riding. Funny-Cycling-Jump-PhotoGood for them. Keep shaking it up! (Here is a link to that article) http://www.azcentral.com/story/opinion/op-ed/2017/04/17/bike-work-day/100495664/


Before I sit down


It has been an incredibly busy season.  Not much time for writing.  Things are slowing just a bit now, chance for me to catch my breath, chase my kids around and watch’em grow.  66be18fc3e3922000b973e2d3209bb75It’s the best.

The other day I was at my sons basketball game. (It’s 1st and 2nd graders, think Chinese fire drill with a lot of double-dribbling). Got to talking with one of the dads. Somehow we get on the subject of ‘walls,’ as in walls that surround most of the properties in the sub-divisions here in Phoenix.  Both agreed it can feel like a ‘prison.’  Come to find we are both living on acre lots now with no walls, cheers to us.

The-Simpsons-Season-9-Episode-1-1-724aI go on to tell him how I used to sit out on my back patio at my old place in my underwear and how my neighbor would poke his head over the wall and want to talk. “Sort of a false sense of privacy?” I say, and go on to ‘explain how I would ask my neighbor not to do it anymore, but he still would.’ But the dad is looking at me like I’m nuts. “Why do you need to sit outside in your underwear?” he asks. “Because, I like to! imagesOMULWW1TWhy don’t you like to sit outside in your underwear?” I ask. Tells me I’m crazy.  No kidding eh.

Point is, if a guy wants to sit outside his home in his skivvies, he should be able to. Walls or no walls.  Had been thinking this was a smart guy I was talkin to, maybe not.

002funSpeaking of smart guys, Son Volt Properties picked up a new client last month. He’s an old boy from California who just bought a second home here in Carefree.  It was interesting because he hired me while he was still in the process of buying. Usually my clients have waited a couple years before seeking out my services, thinking they could just lock the house up and leave. Usually it takes a few things getting away from them before they realize they need a point man here.  Think about it, who wants to show up next season and find the roof leaked during the monsoon? Or to discover the landscapers stopped doing their job once the house had been vacated for the summer.

imagesPYMZRURDBut the new guy is on it.  Said to me when we met, “Got to have a guy down here watching things.” “Roger that, here to be of service.” I say. A day or two after closing, I had my pool guy (Kevin of Black Mountain Pools) and my landscaper (Roberto of RA Landscaping) on the job.  Kevin does a first rate job with his business, and Roberto is reasonably priced and does a great job as well.  There are also some small electrical projects that I am coordinating with a contractor. No fuss, no muss.

4780eee4190fd46dd02e350b34486fb4What if my new client had to find these people on his own? I’ve gone through a lot of landscapers and pool company’s and cleaning services and HVAC repair…to arrive at the people I have now. The best people, don’t do much advertising. They can be hard to find. Either way, my client was heading back to California and won’t return for a couple months. He really didn’t have time to deal with it all. No worries, I have everything taken care of.  Best part for him, I’ll bet I’m saving the old boy $100-150 a month on vendors. That’s smart.



‘What am I paying for?’


Spring is here.  The Valley seems as healthy as ever; spring training is in full swing, the Final Four is on its way and last month the Phoenix Open set records for attendance.  With all these people in town of course Real Estate is churning.  Values are up. inventory is low, interest rates are still cheap and the investment markets are strong.

8436ab67faceaecca76224c791ab9468Along those lines, as more and more people enter into these transactions, it’s important to keep your eyes pealed and your head on a swivel.  Just happened on a website by Quicken Loans. Read a passage about ‘closing costs.’ As follows:

“A misconception about mortgage closing costs is that they all go to the lender, when in reality, many costs are related to services performed by others. Mortgage closing costs cover expenses associated with getting a home loan, from inspections and appraisals to title insurance, taxes and more.”

30b3ab6563ce73a3bd6689db455f4314695997fdb66617702655f4259deaa720The second sentence where it states, “Mortgage closing costs cover expenses…”

Trust me, I’m shooting you straight when I say, ‘inspections, title insurance and taxes’ are separate costs that you will pay before or at the close of escrow. They are not part of the closing costs associated with your loan. The appraisal is, but nothing else is on the list from Quicken.

7f20420d3b4a3820c6bdeabe81c6579d_-throw-you-under-the-bus-under-the-bus-meme_300-256Not trying to make trouble here or throw Quicken under the bus, but there are fees all over the purchase of a home, so let’s keep it honest. The inspection will run 300 – 500. Possibly you friendly realtor will take care of that cost (always a courtesy to my clients). Title insurance is about 1000 – 1300. And a buyer can end up owing up to a half year in taxes, 1000 – 2000.  On the average 300k transaction, a buyer with financing is looking at 2000 – 3000 in costs in addition to the 3000 – 5000 in closing the loan from the lender.

c681c5486af1647483d637b7d706c04fThe other reality, a company like Quicken is going to have extra fees. Their whole marketing campaign is directed toward making the consumer think they are sort of ‘fast forwarding’ through the loan process.  Of course that will cost a little extra. But really they aren’t doing anything different than other lenders.  Here’s the deal, find an independent mortgage broker who can shop a few lenders and find you a good rate with reasonable closing costs. Done.

surprisewetwillyBuying a home is not cheap. Even with all the lending incentives available, it’s going to cost 8 – 12k on the front end of the transaction. So get with your friendly realtor and go over everything in advance.  The fewer surprises the better eh?

1qx25Going back to ‘keeping your head on a swivel.’ With the warm weather descending on us, starting to see some snakes.  Saw 2 last week.  Think the best rule of thumb is to just sort of pretend they aren’t around and you’ll be fine.  You know, ‘hear no evil see no evil.’ Works for me.

Hope you don’t get bitten.

Eastern diamondback rattlesnake


imagesHad a chance last weekend to drive up north on Hwy 89 to Hwy 160 east to Colorado.  This route runs just south of Southern Utah. Incredibly scenic, great rock formations, good road conditions, the whole deal. Been all over the West the last 25 years, never been up that way. Funny.

pagosa-springsDestination: Pagosa Springs Colo.  The brother of my wife was getting married.  Heard it said, “10 pm in Pogosa is like midnight everywhere else.” Not sure what that means, but it sounds like the place has a reputation. The town sits in the southern end of the state surrounded by the San Juan mountains. It’s known for it’s hot springs. It is quite beautiful.

cf87c1d7-577a-4c1f-be50-32aace942298_1The weekend was action packed. Dinners and parties all the way. My wife’s family and I all shared a lodge together called Winslow on the Shire.  It’s a Tudor style chalet nestled into the Rockies. Place can sleep as many as 30 people.  Believe we had 25 or so. Guessing it’s 10-12,000 square feet (couldn’t find out exactly). In fact all the wedding activities took place there. The grooms dinner, wedding and reception. It’s hard to imagine a place that could accommodate such an event. But it worked out well. The sun shined, the mountain beamed, the kids played and we all had some good chuckles.

luke-5As for the bride and groom, Kari and Luke.  They are as fine of people you’ll ever meet.  Wish them the absolute best. They are currently driving (or already there) to North Carolina for their honeymoon. Hope he has a good map. Hear he isn’t very good at directions (see map).

images3qgcillcLastly, find it important to always provide some sort of tip, usually in the realm of property management or real estate, but this time I leave you with some personal hygiene advice.  For me Carmex, has been incredibly helpful in battling chapped lips.  Growing up in Minnesota, I always had one in my pocket.  Find it can be useful in the desert as well, or even this weekend up in Colorado.  But here’s the thing: You can use Carmex on anything that is dry or chapped. 'I'm telling you, with the right moisturizer and lip balm you could avoid all of that chaffing.'

Just sayin.




Football’s over?

951eaa63675c9e51cfdf004a71e3ceceWhat an ending to the Super Bowl.  Incredible game, incredible finish. Began the game rooting for the Falcons, but by the third quarter I was rooting for the Patriots.  What can a guy say? Greatest of all time? Think that’s about it.

Thinking back to September, I made the prediction the Cardinals and Vikings would meet in the NFC Championship Game.  Ok, so neither made the playoffs. So much for predictions. Not sure what will happen next year for either of those clubs. Neither is trending in the right direction. Will say the Falcons started 5-0 last year before faltering to an 8-8 mark. Sound familiar Purple? Maybe next year the Vikes will have a chance to choke in the Super Bowl.  And how lucky, Minneapolis will be hosting the Big Game, so that could particularly painful.

f60880ab6b34587510b2b8a0726fff09Joking aside. What stands out about the Patriots is their discipline.  Discipline seemly at every level; from ownership, to coaching, to players executing all the way down to the last minute.  All hands on deck, everyone pulling in the same direction.

Not sure if this has been mentioned yet, but being the nerdy sports historian I am, I do have a theory.  Patriot Coach Bill Belichick at one time coached at Westpoint (Army), as did his predecessor and mentor Bill Parcells.  Before that it was Vince Lombardi. uncle-ricoAnd on the basketball side both Mike Krzyzewski and Bob Knight coached there as well.  Anybody ever heard of these guys? It’s pretty much the Mount Rushmore of coaching. Holy cow!

And let’s be honest; if you look at the Patriots players, many of them don’t necessarily look like world-class athletes. Kind of look like a bunch guys who might be too small for high school ball. But here they are: champs again. Discipline? Yeah, I think so.

06c777f83e3c4434fd48c2fe0618e224Last thing on the football front. My Friend Tim (formerly of the 331), has been a life-long San Diego Charger fan. Really disappointed for him that they have moved to LA. Just doesn’t seem right. Chargers belong in San Diego, Colts belong in Baltimore, Oilers belong in Houston. Know what I mean? Raiders probably belong in Vegas, but now that’s not going to happen. Oh well. RIP Bolts.

b4a599c7028393ac195cc185826c872cLastly, on the property front.  With all the rain this winter, I am seeing a lot of termite activity at the properties I manage. Not a huge deal if it is treated, but if it’s not, your house may fall down. Just a heads up, eh?




Are you looking for something?

1430928da07380d6bf49769a38be0013It’s only taken a little over a year and half but ‘the032.me’ just went over 2000 reads. Much appreciation to anyone and everyone who has ever read this bit of goofiness. And I really appreciate those of you that have encouraged me to keep it up. I love it. Thank you, thank you!

Thinking back to a couple years ago, it was obvious; I’d been selling houses in North Phoenix since 2005 and I had come to really love the community. Why not write about it? Why not pump the businesses, the restaurants, the parks and recreation; the community as a whole?  And for awhile it gave me an excuse to drink beer with My Friend Josh in the 032. (Had to scout all the watering holes). 🙂

32 northAt roughly that same time, the 032 started an urban revitalization project. The city began repaving and lining 32nd Street with bicycle lanes as well as several other improvements. In Real Estate we call this ‘addressing the deferred maintenance.’

cars4There has been a lot of change in this community in the last 20 years, namely state route 51.   Before that, 32nd Street was the main drag from North Phoenix to Central Phoenix and the community prospered because of all the traffic. But when the 51 was built it created a de-facto bypass.  This is the same story as all the small towns on Route 66, but in an urban center. funny-cars-movie-lightning-mater-real-lifeAnd like ol’ Radiator Springs in “Cars” after awhile the place looked like it had seen better days. In this case, the city (not Lightning McQueen) finally came back around and began fixing up main street (urban renewal). The business have followed that lead and started reinvesting in their own places, hoping all the while people would come back and the community would have a sort of renaissance.

Fast forward to January 17. I have a client interested in buying an investment property in the 85028, just south of the 032. It had been awhile since I had shown property in North Phoenix.  When selling, it’s different than just driving through. The eye tends to be a bit more critical. And while my client isn’t particularly familiar with the area, he expressed skepticism of anything inside the beltway. That said, he knows there are good investment properties in North Phoenix and felt it was worth a look.

imagesThe connection between the two zip codes, the 032 and 028, is that the 028 has a nice but modest residential area that sits just south of the 032 and butts up to Paradise Valley. It has been a haven for investors for a long time. Because of this proximity, people living there are going to patronize the business of the 032. It’s convenient. And for potential buyers, the better the 032 looks, the better the 028 looks. (Been yapping about this for awhile now eh?)

20160914_194242-2So I put my money where my mouth is and gave my client the grand tour. We first stopped for lunch at Casey Jones. Figured the ol’boy would like the trains running around the ceiling, and he did. When finished, we headed east on Bell passing the remodeled AMF Bowling Center, over to 32nd Street south. The north end of 32nd street is still mainly a hodgepodge of mom and pops, but businesses like A to Z Equipment Rental are right there, which can be handy.

imagesAs we got south of Greenway there is a nice run of parks and churches as well as a new school being built by Great Hearts Academy just north of Thunderbird.  He then noticed the Original Breakfast House on the east side of the road, which he has heard good things about.”Hey, let’s grab lunch there next time” he says. Finally as we approached Cactus, the view of Piestewa Peak and the surrounding mountains are upon us. As we arrive at our destination, before seeing any properties, I turn to him and ask, “Whatya think?” (I’m nervous because of that ‘expressed skepticism.’) But he smiles and says, “Looks pretty good.”

p1914450547-4Roger – that.

Seems there will be a new homeowner in North Phoenix very soon.

Keep on Truckin 032.









snowbirds%20meme2016 was a great year.  Hoping 2017 is even better.  And nothing quite says new year like driving around Cave Creek this last week seeing the influx of people.  Some call’em “winter visitors,” others say “snowbirds.” My understanding is that “snowbird” has a negative connotation. Not sure why, just seems descriptive.

250px-gilabendsignNo matter, I call many of them “Client.” Yes sir, roger that. My residential service business is based on helping these people maintain second homes here in Cave Creek/Carefree.  As a guy who has lived a few places before settling in the desert, I can appreciate the unique culture that comes with a population that only spends part of the year here.  What has always stood out to me is that with so many people from other places gathering here, they tend to be open and friendly; interested in meeting new people.  Makes it easy to make new friends. Think we have all had experiences in closed-off cultures, not cool.

2e9738d011e76d8208aa49cac2a52660e9692c8eb87650e75173309cda973304However, that said, I do think there’s a downside. As people return each season they tend to bring “back home” with them.  This can range from endless discussion of events from their home city/state to boasting about the frigid cold in the north or simply bringing extremely slow driving conditions with them. Of course we all bring our sports teams with us (can’t help that I bleed Purple).

2Yeah, that’s all good, but we’re in the desert now. This is the wild west folks. Way back when Horase Greely said, ‘Go west young man.’ He meant to move forward,  embrace the unknown.  Leave the old-self behind and see who you become. It’s exciting and if it’s not, you should probably hitch a ride on the next stagecoach out of town.

22222My hope is that your “hi” will turn into a “howdy” and that you fall in love with the desert like I have.  But remember, some of these old boys have been living out here in the hot sun for a long time. They’re working, hustling, chasing horses and they don’t much care about that Alberta clipper wreaking havoc up north.

And no hard feelings about you leaving when it gets hot.  I have my most fun when nobody is here.


“If I don’t think about it, will it go away?”

dentist-jokesCan you imagine walking around with a painful cavity and not taking care of it because you’re fearful it will cost too much? That was me. Remember when we were kids and they told us all the time to take really good care of our teeth?  Not saying I wasn’t listening, but you know, maybe I wasn’t as diligent as I should have been.  Hindsight is 20/20 eh?

dental11Still got to deal with those pearly whites one way or another.  Here lies the problem.  In the era of ‘no-longer-the president-care,’ dental visits have become a luxury for some, particularly for the self-employed.  Just to have ones teeth cleaned is one thing, but any dental work that needs to be performed may need to be financed.  Oh and don’t worry, they can do that, “You can finance anything these days.” Says the used car salesman.  My plan,  ‘I’ll just try to keep my teeth real clean from here on out and see if they hold up.  Maybe the pain will go away?’

imagesThen one afternoon along comes my old neighbor Ross. Now he is old, 88 years young and going strong, but just for clarification, I call him my ‘old’ neighbor because we no longer live next to each other. Funny.  Anyway, we get to talkin and he mentions he has been getting his teeth worked on.  “Where?” I ask. “Midwestern University over in Glendale” he says. ‘Huh?  What’s that all about I wonder?’  He begins to tell me about the Dental Training program they have for their students and how you and me, the public, can get our teeth treated by the students under the very watchful eye of the dental professionals who teach at the school. And because they are students, the cost is deeply discounted. “Well” I say, “sign me up!”

images5fbizsfpIt’s been a few months since I started going to Midwestern.  A couple of fantastic dentists-in-training, Alex a 4th year student and Roya a 3rd year student, have been helping me get my mouth in order.  In fact, that very first visit they had to pull that painful molar. Like I said, knew there was an issue.  Felt very fortunate to get it taken care of.  And it wasn’t like I walked in and a couple students said, “Oh, we’re going to pull that tooth.” Everything they did, they consulted with one of their teachers/doctors. And when it came to pulling the tooth, there was a dental surgeon from Banner at hand.  Really, aside from my tooth being pulled, it was the best dental care I have ever received.  First class all the way.

8310e1fbca86a9d9e1bc5b29ddf5cd57The other good news, it was a fraction of what a dentist would have charged me. Will be meeting with Alex and Roya in the coming weeks to put together a game plan for my mouth going forward.  What a relief!  Attached link below for more information.



Lastly, on the property front: Want to remind everyone that with the pending frost season upon us, it might be worth the time to put pipe insulators around the irrigation relief valve near your water main. See picture:

The copper pipes running to and fro should have a foam pipe insulator around them.  The pressure relief valve (top with round cap) has a couple plastic inserts that will crack if we get any kind of a deep freeze. Does happen every couple years or so.  If it does crack, generally the whole relief valve has to be replaced. Can cost as much as $200-$300 bucks to repair.  Easy to avoid with some $5 insulators from Home Depot.

Good luck!



Spooktacular in the 032

caution-men-at-work-funnyIt’s been almost three weeks since my last post, boy time flies. Always rockin and rolling, slinging real estate, taking care of the mansions up on Black Mtn, and performing the occasional handy-man service when needed.  Love it, doing what I am meant to do.  So what about some extra-curricular activities? As my kids would say, ‘Is there time for non-work fun as well?’

It just so happens this Friday in the 032 there will be a ‘Spooktacular’ hosted by Genesis Church in the parking-lot at the intersection of 32nd Street and Thunderbird on the south east corner. 12096018_921372524621552_862119267868816257_nThe ‘Spooktacular,’ consists of a trunk-or-treat, where all the dressed up kiddos can trick-or-treat from car to car.  Most of the cars are decorated with some sort of Halloween theme, scary or fun.  There will also be bouncy houses, games, face painting and pizza available.  This is the fourth year Genesis has sponsored the event.  They always do a great job and it should be a awesome again this year.  Come enjoy.  And if you are interested in some ‘work-fun’ there are still opportunities to volunteer. If you are interested in helping out in anyway contact Sarah at: terenandsarah@yahoo.com There is still room for more trunks too, so if you are feeling particularly spooky, get after it. Festivities run from 6 – 8. See you there. Click link(s) below for more information.



funny-real-estate-jokesLastly, had an interesting conversation the other day.  I began working with a new client a couple weeks ago.  It’s an older couple, real nice people.  We just secured a contract on new home for them. In the coming week or so we will be listing their old house for sale.  I have known them for a number of years, and I knew they had a relationship with another Realtor. No worries, really appreciate the business now.  But I asked, “Why change Realtors? Why use me on these transactions?” The paraphrased response was this, ‘Well, we like our other Realtor fine, she works hard. Even throws parties for all her clients every few months. But we’re not real interested in that, we like that you are a ‘nuts and bolts’ kind of guy. You know houses well, and we like the way you navigate the transaction.”  Hey, that’s pretty cool.  “Thank you” I said, “of course I’m nuts.”

imagese80kih28All kidding aside, it was really good feedback. I am a nuts and bolts guy.  I have noticed that’s who I tend to attract as clients.  Think it lends itself to good communication; “Speaking the same language” as they say.  And really that’s how it should be.  If someone likes the Realtor who entertains, that’s who they should work with. But if you want a no-bull approach, come find me.  And hey, I entertain, “Budweisers in the garage.”


iphone-youtubeHad an adventure on Monday.  Flew to the Midwest on an errand for a client and then returned home that night. All day in the airport. Not a big deal. But for a guy who spends most of his time in his truck making stops in and around Cave Creek/Carefree it was a significant departure from my normal routine.  Think the experience was punctuated by the fact that I haven’t flown anywhere in 3+ years.  Things have changed.

minnibarBelieve the airport is a magnification of society. Get a better snapshot of life when it’s moving faster. With that, the cultural addiction/dependence on technology was most apparent. At the gate there was a bar and not only did every seat at the bar have a tablet/ipad (can’t tell the difference?), but almost the entire waiting/seating area was equipped with them as well, for a price of course. Also this bar area contained 4-5 other gates. At one point, there was maybe 400 or so people waiting to board flights and at least 95% of eyes were glued to smart phones. Just standing back, it was quite a sight. ‘Haven’t seen this before?’ Will admit at this point in life I am a bit of a country bum-kin. But just eye-ball’n the situation, doesn’t seem sustainable.

vintage-smartphoneI understand that some of you are asking ‘What’s the big deal T? Things have been this way for awhile.’ Here’s the big deal. This is a huge departure from us as social beings. Human’s glued to screens, obsessively.  Businesses catering to humans glued to screens.  I’m not putting technology down.  And I’m not saying things were better back in the day (things were better back in the day). But I am asking this,  “What is the latent or unintended consequence of a generation of people burying their heads in technology?” There is no precedent for this. We used to hear all the time that we should limit our television time to a hour or two a day.  In modern times, I have heard parents talk about limiting their children’s “screen time.” But what about adults? Who’s monitoring your screen time?

c5bd0e30e05f0c2e72ef38a85908491bAs far as ‘unintended consequences, ‘ it’s been my experience that when publicly someone has their head buried in a screen and then looks up at someone passing by, they tend to give the blank ‘look-em up and down’ and then return their head to screen.  Happens all the time. It’s lame. It makes for a lame culture.

One last thing before I get off my soap-box and return to blogging about insects and trucks. About 8 years ago my wife and I made the decision to have a boundary with technology.  For awhile we didn’t even have the world wide web (internet).  We are not that extreme anymore, but still have set boundaries.  For me it was necessary.  I was someone who was trying desperately to keep up with it all, partly because I’m not tech-savvy and it felt like if I didn’t, I’d never be able to catch up.  But eventually I was just lost and distracted. Didn’t know who I was. Didn’t know what I stood for.  Just kinda waiting for the next big thing. No longer, had to put my foot down. Tuned out and turned on. Now, I’m just who I am. Keep it simple. And… Life is better; it tastes better, smells better, feels better, kicks ass.


And that’s all I have to say about that.